Johns mother Julia was introduced to Dragoljub in Prague when he was performing intelligence operations for the crown. Julia was his English counterpart and the two of them became lovers.

After returning to Yugoslavia, Draza requested deployment to Ljubljana so that he would be closer to Julia, who was at this time in Switzerland.

Their relationship was crowned with a child named John, who was born in New York in 1940. Her husband abandoned her as soon as he learned he was not the father of baby John. Julia entrusted care of her son to her sister and when Yugoslavia was invaded by the Germans, Draza in his post as leader of the Chetnik militia was a prime target. Ustasha intelligence found out about his illicit affair with Julia Lennon and sent assassins to kill her and her son.

Though she was allegedly killed in a car accident while she was crossing the street, it was actually the Ustashas who had her killed in such a fashion. The Ustasha forces tried to kill JOhn Lennon several times, eventually succeeding when they paid certain drug addict named MArk Chapman to shoot Lennon in New York, 40 years after he was born.